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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Saturday, 31 December 2011


As we wrap up 2011, we here would like to personally thank all of our friends, visitors and readers who've helped make Jim's Autism Blog better.  Since we started this blog, way back on December 13, 2011, we have received such immense support from everyone and we are now proud to announce that this blog has officially received 100 views.  Now some blogs we visit regularly, have well over 100,000 views, but to us 100 is very special.  Not only has this blog been very therapeutic for us, but it's also been great learning about all different families, from all over the world, who have a friend or loved one with ASD.

The year 2012, according to the Chinese zodiac, is the year of the dragon.  Jacob was born in the year of the monkey, back in 2004.  When I told him that 2012 would be the year of the dragon, he replied " I don't want to be a dragon in 2012 dad, dragons are from China."  I love the fact that Jacob takes everything so literally.  Then Jacob went on to say " I wish we could've seen a dragon last year."  So I think this year, we might have to visit the Toronto zoo.  I'm not sure if they have Komodo dragons or something like that, but I think the Toronto zoo would be the best bet to see one here in Canada.

Coincidentally, a dragon is also on my family's coat or arms, and I think to tonight when we'll get together to ring in the new year.  Luckily for us, my wife's sister is going to watch Jacob for us, while we hop from spot to spot to celebrate the new year with as many friends as possible.  I think we have 3 destinations in total to visit tonight.  My mom's house will be first, then our friends house and then finally a neighbourhood bar. 

I'm sure tonight a few people will mention our blog and ask us how it's going.  Everyone gets a chuckle when we mention how popular we are in Russia.  So I decided to research Russia's new year's traditions, and what I found was fantastic.  As it turns out Russia in fact has 2 new year's celebrations.  The first is their traditional one on December 31st which also includes January 1st, and the second is on January 14th, which in Russia is the "old" new year's eve.  December 31st/January 1st doubles as the time when Russia's Santa, or as Russians call him, Ded Moroz, hands out gifts and treats to children.  Also, the Christmas tree is called a new year's tree in Russia and it's customary to leave your decorated tree up to celebrate both holidays.  Our tree is usually up past January 14th anyway, so I think we could get used to that tradition.

On a final note to everyone, this new year's eve, my family and I will be travelling only by foot, as all the places we plan to visit will be within walking distance.  But if you have to drive, please don't drink, use a designated driver or call a cab.  I couldn't imagine how Jacob's life would be forever changed, if Shannon or I weren't there to say good morning to anymore.

Thanks again to all our readers for their continued support.  It took less than 3 weeks to hit 100 views, so I can't image how many views we'll have by this time next year.  Happy New Year!  To everyone from the Reeve family. 
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