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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Friday, 13 January 2012


We're pleased to tell everyone reading, that Jacob's had a great first week back to school.  There were a few bumps or trips, but this was one of Jacob's best weeks back after a holiday.  Normally Jacob would need at least a few days to get back into proper form, but this week he's received:

 shooting stars     8 OUT OF 10            

Something interesting did happen at school on Thursday however, I don't know about other kids with Asperger's, but our son has always had difficulty lying about anything.  Even when he would try to lie in the past, we could ask him anything and he would always answer honestly.  Sometimes he would shake his head no, even as he said yes.  Thursday at school, Jacob's regular teacher was away, so he had a supply teacher.  When I was young I remember that when I had a supply my behaviour when from bad to worse.  Jacob had to write about himself and draw a picture in school.  He stated that his name was Jacob, his birthday was in September and that he was 8 years old.  His birthday isn't in September and he isn't 8 either.  It's almost like he was experimenting to see if he could get one over on his supply.  After all, his supply teacher didn't know better.  When we asked him about it, he just looked at us with a devious smile.  We don't condone lying, but it was interesting and surprising to see Jacob push that boundary.

Also, in the mail yesterday, we received some information about upcoming exhibits at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.  There will be a new exhibit on display January 28Th, by a Canadian painter, William Kurelek. And there's a collection of watercolours going on display by a renowned Swedish artist, Kristin Bjornerud.  There's also going to be a film shown by Mark Lewis who was born in Hamilton, but now lives in London, England.  I think Jacob will enjoy the artwork and paintings, but he's not a big international film fan.  I asked a staff member how long the African Heritage exhibit would be on display during our most recent visit to the  gallery.  I was told that it was going to be on display for an undisclosed length of time.  Hopefully it's there during our next visit as it was Jacob's favourite display.

Jacob's school recently sent home a "Growing Together" booklet for us to look at.  "Growing Together" is a program put together by McMaster Children's Hospital and it's a resource guide for finding family/parenting events going on in our area.  In April of this year, there's a discussion called "Truth or Myth about Autism Spectrum Disorders: Ask the Doctor" and it's going to be presented by Dr Szatmari, who is the doctor that diagnosed Jacob with Asperger's.  When we register, we can submit a question that we would like Dr  Szatmari to answer.  This is an excellent chance for us to get some ideas on helping Jacob and it will be good to meet other people whose lives are affected by an ASD.

Hopefully every one's children have had a happy first week back to school, but if not don't worry.  We always support Jacob when he has a rough go at school.  It finally snowed here so I think we'll be staying close to home this weekend.  The unfortunate thing is there's still not enough snow to build a fort yet.  After school today I think there's a volleyball game in the gym.  Maybe we'll go and watch the big kids play, but only if Jacob wants to, of course.  We hope everyone has a great weekend.

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