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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Monday, 23 April 2012


This week at school hasn't started out quite as we'd hoped.  It's extremely cold here and there was even a couple flakes falling this morning.  As my wife waited outside the school for Jacob to get out for lunch, the temperature dropped a few degrees.  Then the rain came.  Shannie was waiting for Jacob and she noticed that all of the other kids in Jacob's class had gotten out already.  Anxious to find Jacob and get out of the cold she went into the school and when she got to Jacob's class, she was told by a staff member that Jacob was at the office.

As Shannie approached the office, she heard a boy yelling.  And she knew right away that it was Jacob.  He was extremely upset about something, yet he refused to explain what.  He was just yelling as loud as he could.  There were a few teachers and students present to witness the whole ordeal.  Then he refused to leave the school.  My poor wife had to pick Jacob up and literally carry him outside.  Jacob was so mad that he didn't even put on his coat.  Once they got home, his mood didn't improve much.  He spent most of his lunch break upstairs in his room.  We managed to get him to eat after we both talked to him about his poor behaviour.  Then I walked him back to school and he seemed pretty happy, which was nice considering how mad he was.

So I went back to work hoping for the best.  When I got home at a little after five, Shannie told me that the school called and she was asked to come pick Jacob up early.  Again he was screaming in the foyer of the school.  He didn't want to do anything in class and he was mad at everyone.  But once Shannie got Jacob away from school his mood changed.  It took a while, but he did complete all his home work and he became rather happy.  We talked to Jacob about his poor behaviour and he eventually promised to have a better day tomorrow.  But who knows.  All we can do is hope for the best.  It's very weird because the school would like Jacob to get some behaviour therapy at home, but it's only at school that his behaviour is this bad.  He just doesn't act this way at home.  And when he does get upset, he usually regulates his emotions and calms down very quickly.  So we're not sure what good home therapy will do?  He really needs some therapy in school, but we don't know whats available.

I wish I could figure out what it is about the school that causes Jacob to meltdown so often.  He has had a few changes lately and the Easter break did bring up some emotions, but we thought that he'd be better after a couple weeks.  I guess that Jacob's Asperger's makes it hard to determine how long it will take to get back on track.  But we do feel kind of helpless.  Now I know how people feel when a volcano is about to erupt.  It's smoking and turning red, but you just don't know when its going to blow.  All you can do is sit there and watch the show.  It's just difficult when the volcano is your son and the little village is his school.  I guess we just have to hope for the best and be ready for the fallout.   

Kanaga volcano eruption Kanaga island aleutians
Can't you just feel the pressure building?


  1. I wish I knew more about this and had some good advice for you, Jim, but sadly I'm clueless. I guess a lot of people are when it comes to Aspergers. I definitely feel for you, and I do know what it's like to feel helpless, and powerless. It's a horrible feeling, that I know.

    It surely sounds like there's something going on at school that is getting Jacob so upset, and I don't have to tell you that. I do know that there's a lot of bullying going on in schools now days, and I hope that's not what is causing Jacob's outbursts. It would be simply revolting if someone at school was bullying Jacob....It must be so hard that Jacob can't talk to you about what's happening at school and let you know how to help him....that must be so frustrating.

    All I can say is this....I can tell by what you write that you are both wonderful parents, and are doing an amazing job with Jacob. If he behaves so well at home, I think it's obvious that it's because you are doing so well with him. The school definitely needs to have some sort of therapy/counseling for Jacob available, but it always seems to be a funding issue. I wish for the best for all of you, and hope the rest of your week goes without incident. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Thanks Jewel. Jacob usually has ups and downs throughout the school year so we can't wait for the next up. Luckily for us we don't really have to worry about it. Jacob would punch a kid in the face if they said something mean to him. I hope in another couple weeks things will work out.