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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Tomorrow, we're planning on taking Jacob on our second of three summer family trips.  On this trip, we're going to visit African Lion Safari.  The Safari is about a 35 minute drive away from home and there's lots of planning ahead involved when it comes to family trips.  Especially with a child that has Asperger's.  So here is a comprehensive list of things that we need to bring.

First we need to think about getting there.  So we need a puke bowl/bag for Jacob since he gets car sick.  And then we need a change of clothes, just in case.  Usually we try to hedge our bets by not letting Jacob eat breakfast before leaving.  Then of course we need a car seat which has to be in the middle of the back seat, because this is the best place to help prevent motion sickness.  Unfortunately, Gravol is out of the question because Shannie is allergic and Jacob hates medicine.

Then we need to think about what we need for the day.  We need food for breakfast and lunch, along with snacks and lots of drinks.  The forecast is for 27° and sunny so we also need sunscreen, specifically a spray one because it's easier and faster to apply.  We need pocket change for use of lockers and we need to pack multiple ice packs to help everything stay cool in our insulated bag.

We need hats and bathing suits because they have a great water park, which we didn't use last time, because it was so late in the day.  And we need comfortable walking shoes and Jacob's water shoes, because he hates going barefoot outside when he's in the water.  Which isn't a big deal, we just bring his clothes and shoes in an extra bag.

Then of course we need our camera.  And I must make sure that the battery is fully charged and there's room on the memory card.  Last summer when we went, we took lots of great pictures of Jacob playing with the goats.  Which reminds me, that I need to bring more change to pay for goat food.  They come in those candy dispenser things and cost a quarter for a handful.

We may decide to get some french fries for lunch if Jacob wants something hot, so we need to bring some cash, because I hate using debit for a $5 purchase.  But debit is good in the gift shop where we usually get a t-shirt and a cup for Jacob.  Last year we got him a cup with his name on it, and he used it almost every day.  The handle fell off and the rubber wrap on it began to peel, so he definitely needs a new one this year.

So all and all it's not too much to bring.  It may seem like a lot, but we are experienced in pre planning trips.  But the real tricky part is not telling Jacob that we're going.  Because if we get his hopes up, and then we can't go for some unforeseen reason, it could be a disaster.  So we usually wait to tell him about our trips until we get him up that morning. 

We're very excited about taking Jacob on a trip, and our excitement is evident.  And Jacob is incredibly perceptive when it comes to picking up on our emotions.  If we seem to excited, he'll know something is up and he won't stop asking about it until he gets an answer.  And lying to him is impossible.  He's so good at sensing our honesty, that he should play poker because he'd know right away if someone is bluffing.  It's a lot of prep for one day, but it's worth it.  A little pre planning can go a long way in making sure the day runs smoothly.  I'll be sure to post some pictures tomorrow. 



  1. Have fun on your trip. Can't wait to see the pictures. It sounds like a very cool place!

    1. It's pretty cool, but it doesn't change much. Then again, it's not for us, it's for jacob. We'll likely end up spending most of the day with the goats. And I'll be sure to post pictures tomorrow.