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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Friday, 28 September 2012


Bird Of Prey LandingJacob was great in school this week, which was nice considering how poorly he did last week.  Last week and this week in fact, were almost total opposites.  Last week Jacob earned only 2/10 stickers for his reward calendar.  But this week Jacob earned 5 out of 6 stickers.

Of course, there's a catch.  On Wednesday afternoon Jacob complained that he had a runny nose and mentioned in passing how he didn't think he should go back to school because of it.  We of course made him go back, but then on Wednesday evening, he began to cough and sneeze.

Then on Thursday morning, Jacob's cough was very bad.  It was way worse than the day before so we let him stay home from school.  One nice thing about Jacob having Asperger's is that he exhibits patterns that we as parents have learnt to pick up on.  Firstly, when Jacob says he's sick, he means it.  And secondly when he's mildly sick, there's no point in sending him to school because his short fuse becomes even shorter. Almost to the point that it's non existent.

So he was lying on the couch and all of a sudden he puked out of nowhere.  It was on his face and clothes, in his hair and all over the couch.  But he did feel a bit better afterwards.  And today he's feeling a little bit better, but he's still under the weather.

Did I mention that today was a P.D. day for his school?  Of course Jacob's law states that if Jacob is to get sick, it will be at the worst conceivable time.  Like on a long weekend for instance.  So it appears that we'll be taking it easy this weekend while Jacob recuperates on the sofa.  I'm sure that Shannie and I could plan an date night, but it's not fair to her sister who usually watches Jacob for us.  And I'm sure that Jacob will be better for a fresh school week on Monday.

 Did I mention that now I'm starting to get a sore throat?  It's just my luck that I'd get sick during the bust season at my work.  The last few months of our season is when I make up for all the downtime I have in the Summer, so a week off is not an option, even if I'm puking my guts out.  The nice thing is that I work outdoors so the fresh air is great at revitalising a sore throat.

It's amazing to me that for a guy who rarely gets sick, it never seems to fail that I catch something from Jacob.  It seems that little kid germs are the worst type out there.  It doesn't matter how many times Jacob and I wash our hands (which he's great at), it's still no match for all the grubbiness that comes with a school full of kids.  Hopefully my sore throat doesn't become anything more, because I'd hate to lose 80 hours pay. So I'm just going to tough it out and cough on my pay check next week.

Thank God.


  1. It's bad when they get sick. I hope he gets better soon. He looks so cute all snuggled in the leopard blanket.

    1. When Jacob was young, he was sick all the time. But now he gets over things much faster. And he's already feeling much better so he's going to school on Monday. Hooray.

  2. I hope Jacob feels better soon! As soon as the kids start getting sick, I start drinking OJ and my husband starts with hot tea. Works well for us!

    1. Me too. If only I could Jacob to drink some OJ, that would be great. And he's already feeling much better.

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