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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Jacob's first day of grade 3 went pretty well when we compare it to previous first days.  Jacob was exhibiting some strange behaviour.  He was excited the night before about going to school, which was a first.  He even got up without a fuss and wasn't too resistant to being in a new classroom.  Needless to say, we were quite pleased at how well behaved Jacob was.

There was one issue in the last five minutes of class though.  So when I got home from work yesterday, my wife told me to ask Jacob what happened at the end of the day.

Dad:  "Why were you upset at the end of the day Jacob?"

Jacob:  "Because I had my hand up to speak all day and the teacher didn't see it, so I just sat there with my hand up all day, because she didn't see it."

Dad:  (No response)

What could I say?  I was shocked that Jacob showed that much restraint, especially over the course of a whole day.  And it was only the first day of school.  We were very happy that Jacob got a teacher he knew since so many teachers left our school at the end of last year.  If he would have had a new teacher, things could have been worse.  But I think the school puts him with familiar faces.  It helps Jacob so much, why wouldn't they.

Jacob does have a new EA in the afternoon however.  It's a man too, so I'm interested to see how Jacob reacts to having a male helping him.  He's much better behaved when I'm around then when it's just mom, but what kid isn't.  Jacob still has his regular EA in the morning, so we're very happy about that too.  AT least he can start his day with a bit more strictness which his morning EA brings.

We just want Jacob to have a positive school experience and we know it's only been a day, but we're optimistic.  But we are beginning to worry about when he's older.  I know high school is five full years away, but he's already been in school for 5 years.  We're not sure he'll be able to handle high school.  But for now, he's still our little boy, so we're just going to enjoy all the silly homework that he gets.  He even had some on his first day.  It was a questionnaire about Jacob and one question was:  What's your least favourite food?  Jacob's answer:  Herb and garlic cream cheese.  LOL  It's going to be a long and funny year.


  1. My son always did better with stricter, more structured teachers. All of these just happened to be female. His male teachers were great and he liked them, but not structured enough. Don't get me wrong, he had plenty of unstructured female teachers and an unstructured mom, but I just thought it was funny that every single one of his male teachers weren't structured enough for him. It got to where whenever he said he had a male teacher in one of his classes, I thought "oh no... not good!" lol Hope Jacob has a great year. That teacher should have at least acknowledge that his hand was up!!

  2. Structure seems to be the key for Jacob to have success, but it's hard to live like that all the time. The school is the best place for it really. And Jacob has had 2 good afternoons with the male EA. He's even catching up on work from the morning during the afternoon, so we're quite pleased with his behaviour thus far.