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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I can almost feel it coming
It's only the first week of November, and for some reason, we're all feeling the pressure.  But we promised to keep Jacob as our point of focus during the upcoming weeks.  Last week at school wasn't very good.  Jacob only earned 4 out of a possible 10 stickers for his reward calendar.

The stress level around here keeps getting higher no matter how calm we try and keep it.  And it's really affecting Jacob.  Then of course on Friday, Jacob became very sick and he hasn't gone to school yet this week.  And to be honest, we're quite happy to keep him home because it's less stress to take care of a sick child, than it is to send him to school.

Generally i can keep control of things, but when I think about how we move into our new home next Thursday, I start to feel anxious.  I've been on the phone for most of the afternoon trying to call everyone important to let them know about our address change.  And every time I mention the "new house" Jacob becomes upset.

I know he doesn't want to move, but it'll be nice to have Christmas in a new place.  Since the loss of our dog a couple years ago, our home hasn't felt the same.  Did I mention that we have court on November 20TH?  The move has had us preoccupied so we haven't been dwelling on what happened.  We are actually looking forward to the day so we can officially end that chapter in our life.

Oh yeah, Christmas is just around the corner too.  I for one can't wait for 2013 to start, which is also when my off season starts, so hopefully, we'll all be able to take a deep breath for the first time in a while.


  1. Moving is stressful and this time of the year is stressful so you have double whammy! I think once you get all your familiar stuff moved into the new house, it won't take long for it to feel like home and the stress will go away. Just give yourself time.

  2. I hope so Kristy. Then yesterday, my furnace quit working. I have a tech coming by to try and fix it. Hopefully I don't need a new one.

  3. I hope you get to relax soon, Jim.

    1. One day I will Mac. I just hope it's before I retire.