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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Don't get caught.
Jacob had a pretty good week at school, except for Friday.  But Friday was a very strange day.  All told Jacob earned 6 out of 10 stickers for his reward calendar.  This week was pretty intense for all of us and next week looks like much of the same.

But back to Friday.  There were 3 very intense things that all came into alignment, hence the post title.  The three things are;

1.  An ASD specialist was observing Jacob in class the whole week.  I know she was there for 5 days, but having a strange person sitting almost beside you, watching your every move is enough to make anyone bug out.

2.  Jacobs EA was away on Friday, which means he had a supply EA in class.  Usually the school puts him with an EA he's met before.  But there were none available, so Jacob had to make do.

3.  Jacobs teacher was away, which means the cause for mass destruction in a classroom.  A supply teacher.

Talk about stressful situations.  Usually if Jacob needs to leave the room, he just tells a teacher, or EA and he can then go for a walk.  But there was too many new people unfamiliar with Jacobs tendencies.  His teacher is great and left some notes on what to expect from Jacob, but its too much to read and understand for just one day.

So I. The afternoon I was coming home from running an errand.  And I saw Shannie come out of our house running to the school.  She quickly to me that Jacob was in the office and refused to leave.  Thankfully when he got home he was fine.  Shannie told me that when she got within earshot, she heard Jacob tell a teacher, "I need to come up with an explanation fast to tell mom, because here she comes."  And he was pointing at her as he said it.  The teacher and Shannie both began to laugh, and when you laugh, you lose all your power.

Now Jacob is relaxing in his room reading a book.  We all love the weekends.  But we still have to move on Monday, so we pray that Jacob has a good day when he goes back to school.  But who knows, we may just decide to keep him home.


  1. That is funny. It would be hard not to laugh. Good luck on the move Monday.

    1. Thanks for the support. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.