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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Sunday, 2 December 2012


When Jacob was diagnosed with Asperger's at age 5, we quickly began to wonder what it would be like for Jacob when he becomes a grown up.  Would he be successful?  Go to college?  Be rich and famous?  So I began to research celebrities and other notable people who had an ASD.  And was I surprised.  I had no idea how many famous people had been affected by an ASD.  Either by having an ASD themselves or having a family member with an ASD.

*Please note*  Not everyone listed in this series has been diagnosed with an ASD.  Some may have an actual ASD while some may be suspected of having an ASD.  Others on this list may have a family member with an ASD.  Some people listed are deceased so an actual diagnosis of an ASD is impossible.  Also, every one listed was mentioned on multiple websites which I felt were credible.  And I did not reference Wikipedia.

December 1, 1935  -  Woody Allen  -  Famous writer and movie director has helped create classic movies like Annie Hall and What's New Pussycat?  Allen has won multiple Academy Awards as well as 2 Golden Globe awards.  Woody Allen is suspected of having Asperger's syndrome.

December 8, 1966  -  Matt Leborteaux  -  American actor who's appeared in many TV series and movies including Little House on the Prairie and Deadly Friend.  Leborteaux has also worked on animated films and provided voices in video games.  Matt Leborteaux is suspected to have autism.

December 10, 1830  -  Emily Dickenson  -  Famous poet considered to be one of the greatest American poets of all time.  Dickenson has won many posthumous literary awards for her book and poems.  Dickenson had epilepsy and was suspected to have had autism.

December 17, 1770  -  Ludwig van Beethoven  -  Famous German composer who gave his first public performance at age 7, but insisted he was only 6 years old at the time.  During his life, Beethoven wrote dozens of symphonies and ballads and eventually went deaf around age 50.  Beethoven had many abdominal issues and often wrote symphonies using the rumblings in his stomach for the melodies.  Beethoven is suspected to have had autism.

December 18, 1946  -  Steven Spielberg  -  Famous American movie producer considered to be one of the greatest of all time.  Has produced ET, Gremlins, Transformers and the Jurassic Park franchise.  Spielberg's movies have a combined gross of an estimated 5 billion dollars.  Spielberg is suspected to have Asperger's syndrome.

December 25, 1642  -  Sir Isaac Newton  -  Famous British mathematician who helped discover the theory of gravity as well as his work in optics and is considered by many to be the greatest mathematician of all time.  Newton became a professor at Cambridge College at age 29.  Newton is suspected to have had Asperger's syndrome.

December 31, 1943  -  John Denver  -  Famous American singer/songwriter.  Won multiple AMA awards and had over a dozen platinum albums.  John Denver's Greatest Hits album sold over 20 million copies alone.  Denver was suspected to have had Asperger's syndrome.

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