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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Friday, 21 December 2012


I'd like to start by saying that this week was likely the most difficult week at school, that Jacob has had the whole, entire year.  He's had homework every day and his in class behaviour has been on the poor side.  It could be that he's preoccupied with Santa, as are the other kids in his class, or it could be the sadness that this time of year brings for us.  Either way Jacob didn't earn a single sticker this week for his reward calendar.

But when we look on the bright side, which parents like us often have to do.  Jacob has his best visit to the dentist on Thursday.  He had to get all 4 of his adult molars filled to help prevent cavities.  And he was great.  We were in and out within 30 minutes, so we were quite pleased.  Yet his recent behaviour at school always seems to come to the forefront.  I almost resorted to telling Jacob that he wouldn't get gifts from Santa, but I bit my tongue.  That would have only made things worse.

This entire month has actually been pretty rough for Jacob at school.  As we try to explain to our selves why it's been so rough, I have to admit, that I too have contributed to the chaos in my own way.  I've been working over 60 hours a week since November, and at one point I worked 30 days in a row.  So I just haven't been there enough the past 6 weeks, which is something I promised to never do.  I know Jacob needs continuity in his life and the consistency just hasn't been there.

But Christmas brings with it my off season from work.  So I'll have plenty of time to spend with Jacob during the winter months.  Then he'll hopefully get his behaviour settled a little bit more and get back to making progress during school.  His winter sessions have a pattern of being better times of the school year, so we can only hope that the trend continues.

Is it just me or did this month feel like a blur?  I can't believe it's only 4 days until Christmas and we're not quite done getting everything we need.  And Jacob never really says what he wants from Santa.  He likes to keep it a private thing between him and Santa alone.  Then today, he says he wants some Skylanders thing which he hopes Santa brings.  So needless to say, Shannie and I gasped.  Because the big day is quickly approaching, it time is only speeding up.  But I think we can put up with the hectic pace for a couple more weeks until the new year hits.  And new years mean new beginnings right?.  At least that's how we like to look at it.    Merry Christmas to everyone.


  1. This month has passed so fast. Actually the past three months has been a blur! I don't like it because it means that the christmas trees and decorations will have to come down soon and I don't like that. Good luck finishing up your christmas shopping!

    1. My wife too loves the holidays, but also hates saying goodbye. I don't mind if the tree stays up for a while, but I just don't want it to become an Easter tree.