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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


In my last post, I talked about how Jacob's mornings at school have been pretty rough but at that point, they hadn't really affected his afternoons.  Then yesterday happened and Shannie and I were both taken back to when Jacob was is in Grade 1.

Back when Jacob was in grade 1, we often found ourselves sitting and watching the telephone in anticipation.  And unfortunately, Jacob's school would call and explain that Jacob had become aggressive, and should go home for the day.  Thankfully, due to ours, and Jacob's hard work, we haven't had those fears in a couple of years now.

Then of course, yesterday morning, Jacob was sent home from school for yelling and shaking his fists at his teachers.  We were devastated, which today felt like an overreaction, but at the time, we felt defeated.  We spent the entire lunch hour explaining to Jacob that his behaviour was unacceptable.  We decided to send him back in the afternoon in hopes that he would rebound and have a better session.


Jacob had a rough afternoon and did nothing the whole time.  So of course, drastic measures had to be taken.  Firstly, I printed out some math sheets and made Jacob do them.  Then we went to his room and I made him read me 4 books about feelings and how to react when we experience them ourselves.

Then, upon discussion, we decided that Jacob wasn't allowed to use his DS, the computer or the iPad for the whole night.  Jacob didn't seem too affected by this at first, but after dinner, it really hit home.  He begged us for just 1 of his 3 favourite things, but we stood our ground and said no way.

Then this morning, he told us that he'd have a good day so that he could get his favourite things.  But wouldn't you know it, he had another rough morning.  All we can do is pray that he has a positive afternoon in school, which he usually does.  But if he doesn't, then I guess it's going to be another boring night.


  1. Seems like the school wouldn't send him home but would have a quite place for him to calm down. It's good you guys stood your ground to him for the behavour. You were probably right when you felt it was time to change morning teachers.

    1. You know yourself that having a child with an ASD can be very difficult, yet rewarding at the same time. I'm just glad that he had a great afternoon today.