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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Anyone who's been reading my posts as of late, know that Jacobs behaviour hasn't been that spectacular.  He did get on a small run of better behaviour, but Thursday morning when Jacob woke up, we could tell that he wasn't feeling that well.  His throat was sore and he was puking on our couch.  But he did receive 4 out of 6 stickers for his reward calendar, two of which came from the morning session.

On to a more serious note, I had to have a small surgical procedure yesterday morning.  While we tried to explain to Jacob that I wouldn't be feeling too well for a while, we didn't know how he'd react considering how poorly he felt.  Surprisingly, he's been great.  He's been compassionate and very careful when giving me hugs be ause he often gives hard kisses to me and his mom.

Strangely enough, since yesterday, Jacobs level of maturity has risen to an all time level.  Jacob argued far less than normal when it came to things like eating dinner, going to bed and even sharing his ipad wih me.  And to tell the truth, he hasn't even yelled very much since I got home.

It's amazing how a boy that normally gets upset when he's limited in his choices has somehow almost become a young caregiver.  I've even asked him to get me a couple things while he was on the computer, and he didn't even get upset.

Seeing Jacob act like this give me hope that he'll be a fully functioning person when he grows up.  We've always been somewhat concerned with Jacobs lack of compassion during certain situations.  For example, when a young child in his school, were to get hurt, he would get mad that the kid was crying.  But yesterday was refreshing in that we could see his concern for my well being on his face.

Jacobs behaviour has been so refreshing, that I almost want to mope around on a permanent basis.  But I should be better soon and Monday I'll be back to work and Jacob will be back to school.  We just hope that his new level of maturity continues.

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