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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


It's been quite a slow week for us here at home.  My work season has been averagely busy, but since it's driven by the world economy, it's expected.  We've completed the majority of our autism workshops, including our in class ABA training.  And of course, the school year is quickly coming to a close.

But that doesn't mean that something unexpected can't happen at anytime.  And for those of us with kids on the spectrum, the unexpected seems to happen at the worst time.

Which brings me to this.  Last week, on Thursday, Jacob and his mom were playing around the house.  Normally this consists of us giving Jacob a few seconds to run and hide before one of us comes looking.  Well, this time, something bad happened.  In our living room we have an antique sideboard against the wall that leads to the kitchen.  So Shannie told Jacob to start running.  And as he turned to escape her outstretched hand, KAPOW!  Jacob ran right into the sideboard.

He ended up with a huge scrape across his chest from the corner of the sideboard, but worst of all, he kicked his foot on the bottom of the unit too.
Here's the culprit.

Since I helped move the sideboard when we bought it, I know how heavy it is.  And when I heard the thud, then the crying, I knew exactly what had happened.

The scrape was bleeding and it looked terrible, but we knew it would heal quickly, but Jacob's foot looked even worse the next day.  His second toe was almost completely purple and of course he was unable/unwilling to put any weight on it what so ever.  And since our bathrooms are either upstairs or downstairs, we let Jacob pee in a bucket.

After the weekend went by, Jacob began climbing the stairs again, but we felt that he was kind of milking his injury.  Then on Monday, his school had a day trip to a park that was fully equipped with a pool and all kinds of cool activities.  So when Jacob said that he didn't want to go we knew he was serious.

We sent him to school today and yesterday, but he was limping the whole time.  And of course his behaviour reflected his physical condition.  So needless to say, he didn't get much accomplished in class what so ever.  Thankfully next week is the last week of school, but we're sure that he'll be fine by then.  We plan on keeping Jacob socially busy this summer as long as it's not too hot and humid.  Hopefully his toe will be a normal colour and he'll be able to walk to the pool and park.  If not, it's looks like I'll be carrying him around on my back.


  1. So sorry that Jacob hurt his toe! Ouch! School is still in session up there?? Wow! My son was always out before the end of May. I noticed the schools here in Florida didn't end until a little over a week ago though. I guess you guys start back later.

    1. Yeah it's weird because I used to go to about mid June, but now they seem to go the whole month. Quitting in May would be nice, but he goes back the first week of September.