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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Monday, 5 March 2012


Finding a good online gaming service can be difficult, especially if you're looking for games that are geared to towards kids with ASDs.  In this post we're going to discuss gaming on http://www.pogo.com/.  Pogo is a game platform which is controlled and operated by EA Games, which is the same platform that created EA Sports.  Pogo has over 100 games and many are great for kids with an ASD.  You can learn to count, spell and read just by playing.  And Pogo has lots of great games for parents too.  Here's a list of Jacob's  top 5 favourite Pogo games.

5.  Poppit/Poppit Sprint  -  This is a fantastic game which has 2 versions.  The original Poppit is a game in which you have to clear balloons by popping groups of like colours.  The object of the game is to clear your board of all balloons.  Poppit Sprint is slightly different.  In this game you get 60 seconds to clear as many groups of balloons as you can and they always refill.  This is a great game as you can buy power ups by trading in game coins.

4.  Word Whomp/Word Whomp Whackdown  -  This is a word game in which you get a scrambled 6 letter word and you have to recreate all possible words by using the 6 available letters.  Shannon loves this game too and sometimes Jacob will help her find hard to notice words.  This game is great for vocabulary building.

3.  Lottso/Lottso Express  -  This is my favourite game on Pogo.  We all love this game so much that we bought the deluxe online version.  In this game you get 6 playing cards, all with various numbers on them from 1 - 12.  Each turn there will be 6 balls that appear and you have to match them to your game cards.  Then when you fill up a card you get a scratch ticket and earn points.  This may be the most popular of all Pogo Games.

2.  Keno Pop  -  This game is just like real Keno except you can get power ups and bonus numbers as you progress through the game.  It plays exactly like Keno, but it's way more fun.  When you press play, 20 balls get shot out of a machine and bounce all over your game card.  You then get tokens depending on the number of matched balls.  You can use up to 3 power ups at one time, which come in various shapes, that allow you to match more numbers.

1.  Pogo Addiction Solitaire  -  This is a great 1 person card game and it's probably the coolest solitaire game going.  The object is to place all cards of the same suit in the same row.  But you can only move a card if the space to its right is open.  There are bonus cards which provide power ups and there's also a bonus game in which you pick characters on a volcano to reveal tokens.  Each of the characters are from other Pogo games, which Jacob really enjoys.

Pogo is in my opinion, the best online platform for online games.  Each time you play a game, you're awarded tokens which can be used to enter draws.  You can also create avatars or Pogo Mini's as there called on Pogo.  You can dress them in funny costumes or dress them according to upcoming holidays.  All items can be bought using accumulated tokens from game play.  You can change the backgrounds and you can add accessories from the Mini Mall.  You can talk with anyone online using their chat options from anywhere in the world.  There's also cash jackpots to be won if you qualify, by playing any game, for a jackpot spin.  I've never won, but it's possible to win thousand's of dollars just by playing.  And the best part about Pogo is a year's membership is only $40, which makes it very affordable.

But before you decide to join club Pogo, you can try many of their games for free, so you can test the platform out before you enroll to see if you or your child will actually enjoy it.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it though.  Then the hardest part will be allowing everyone to have a turn playing because playing on Pogo can be very addictive.  So check it out by clicking the link at the top of the post.  And get ready for hours of online gaming fun.


  1. I'm loving the game suggestions. Right now our kids are on the Zombie thing and its driving me nuts. NUTS.

    1. Jacob loves zombies too. He's watching Zombieland right now, but his fave is the Walking Dead on AMC.

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