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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Saturday, 30 June 2012


So the school year is finally over.  Hooray!  There's been a few bumps in the road, but overall, it's been great.  And it's kind of a catch 22 for us, because even though we don't have to get Jacob up for school every morning, help him with his homework and communicate with the school for 2 months, we now have to try and keep him busy, all summer long so that both he, and we, don't go crazy. 

It's about 100° F outside, but before I take Jacob swimming this afternoon at the rec centre, I thought I'd share his year end report card with everyone, including his final grades and a few comments from the school that I thought were kind of interesting.


Reading - A     Writing - C+     Oral Communication - B     Media Literacy - B

Jacob reads very well, but needs to work on his expression.  Jacob doesn't like to acknowledge differing opinions when working with others.  Jacob needs to focus on listening to group discussion and to let others participate without interrupting.


Number Sense  - B     Measurement - B     Geometry - B     Algebra - B     Data Management - B

Jacob does very well in the math field.  Jacob has some difficulty estimating and counting money up to $1 and he has difficulty applying these concepts to word problems and real life situations.


Overall - B

Jacob can identify objects that are solid, liquid and gas.  Jacob describes several ways in which clean air and water are vital for meeting the needs of humans and other living things.  Jacob is encouraged to continue to find and implement ways of keeping our earth clean.


Overall - B

Jacob can identify contributions made by groups and individuals in the community.  Jacob experienced difficulty demonstrating and understanding the similarities and differences between his community and communities around the world.


Healthy Living Skills - B     Active Living Skills - B

Jacob understands the difference between prescription and non prescription medicine.  Jacob is encouraged to use non prescription medicine when sick.  Jacob can throw and kick during many sporting activities and he has good overall body balance.


Dance - B     Drama - B     Music - B+     Visual Arts - C

Jacob does well at using dance as a form of expression.  Jacob has difficulty beginning art projects without planning subject matter, tools, materials and techniques.

I love some of the comments from the school, like "Jacob is encouraged to use non prescription medicine when sick."  LOL  We've been encouraging Jacob to do that his whole life.  And Jacob would rather die than take any medicine, prescription or not.  Do any of your kids report cards have funny comments like these?

So, overall Jacob got 1 A, 2 Cs and the rest were Bs, so overall, Jacob is a B student, which we feel is pretty good.  This year Jacob only had a total of 13.5 days absent, which is a huge improvement.  Last year, it seemed like Jacob got sick all the time and he had like 40 absences from school in Grade 1.  So we're quite pleased with his performance this year and hopefully his growth will continue next year in Grade 3.   



  1. Way to go Jacob! Awesome report card! My son didn't like taking meds he had to swallow. I could usually convince him to take the liquid forms.

    1. We tried the liquid stuff too, but Jacob still says no. We tried to give him meds, but it was horrible. I think the Asperger's gave him super human strength because we were powerless.

      Thanks for the kind words too. It's been tough , but he's constantly improving.

    2. Have you tried hiding pills in food? or Meltaways, chewables? Alex hates liquid (hold him down, sit on him, hope he swallows most of it) but takes pills fairly easily.

    3. We've tried, but it's a no go. We tried to hide a pill in his food once, but then he began to inspect his food and he still does if he's sick. He checks his freezees for any differnet labels which may indicate medicine. And he inspects his water for any strange colours.

  2. Jacob sounds like my sort of kid:) My favorite part was when they stated, " Jacob doesn't like to acknowledge differing opinions when working with others." Did they take into account that Jacobs partners might have really stupid ideas?;D haha

    Sounds like he did really well this year:) And bonus that he showed up for school this year:D just kidding of course....we had a year like that two years ago. We were sick from Oct until the following April. It was awful.

    1. That teacher's comment was my favorite!

    2. In the past couple years, Jacob missed a lot of school. He has asthma so every time he'd get sick wed keep him off until he got better. There are so many sick kids at school and we hated going to the ER. So we'd always err on the side of caution. Now Jacob's immune system is tougher than ever. And his asthma hasn't been a problem in a long time.

    3. That is good Jim. It's so good when you see noticeable changes for the good:)