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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


This is Jacob when he gets hot.
Yesterday, Jacob was great in school and he even got 2 stickers for his reward calendar.  He did all his work for the day and even caught up on the work he missed from Friday when he was sick.  But today started out as something else.  It's very cloudy and cold here this morning.  And it started getting windy as we walked to school.  Then the rain started.

Now I haven't noticed if the weather affected Jacob adversely, but when we got to the school, all (you know what) broke loose.  A couple of little kids were play fighting and yelling which sent Jacob into a frenzy.  He began to run over towards them to begin yelling.  So I quickly grabbed him by his backpack to restrain him.  I know he'd only yell, but I still get nervous.

Needless to say, once I grabbed him, he turned his anger towards me.  He hit me in the chest and kicked me in the shin twice.  None of the strikes hurt, but the act is still unacceptable.  I told him that when little kids get silly, that he shouldn't pay attention.  But it's almost impossible for Jacob to block out loud noise on his own, so an outburst is at this point almost impossible to avoid.

Of course this happened as his EA was getting ready to take him in.  And the school bells rang so I didn't have much time to bring Jacob back down to a controllable level.  As we walked to the front door, I told Jacob to talk to me about what happened.  He yelled at me and told me I was a jerk and that I shouldn't grab his hand.  Then I told him he shouldn't get in people's faces and yell at them.

I was able to get a hug and tell Jacob that I love him before he went into the school without me.  So hopefully, he's able to have a good day.  Sometimes when he has something to tell someone, he can't focus until he gets it out.  And if the person isn't around, it can take hours to get him to settle down.  I know he's telling all the adults he sees that he's going to yell at me.

So now I'm thinking of a way to control his mornings at the school.  Now I'm not taking Jacob early at all.  I know he likes to see everyone first thing at school, but it's too often that he gets mad at the little kids who line up right beside his classroom line.  But what can you do?  These are the joys of aspergers.


  1. Seems like you handled this really well by staying calm and getting Jacob away from the kids and into class with getting him more upset. Good luck! I hope he did better today.

    1. He did much better today. Shannie and I know that he's going through a lot of changes now too. So we cut him some extra slack.