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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Us here at Jim's Autism Blog would like to start this post by offering our sympathy and condolences to anyone affected by hurricane Sandy.  Hopefully all of our readers and fellow bloggers in the north eastern states will be okay.

So it's been a long week here for us.  I've been working days, afternoons and nights because the end of the year rush has come early.  Then there's the whole moving in 2 weeks thing, which as the day draws closer, I feel less and less prepared.  And now we're fixing up the old place for our new tenants, so things here are pretty hectic.  Oh and did I mention I have a son with aspergers syndrome?

Jacob had a pretty rough time at school last week.  He only managed to earn 3 out of 10 stickers for his calendar.  Then when you factor in all the things mentioned in paragraph 1, we too haven't been as focused on Jacob and his schooling.  So it's no wonder Jacob hasn't been very productive as of late.

Then on top of that, we have hurricane Sandy and Halloween both competing for Jacob attention.  Since the arrival of bad weather on Saturday, Jacob has been very concerned with Halloween.  For the first time in a long time, there might not be a Halloween here in Hamilton.  Which no doubt is causing some of Jacob's issues in school.

And of course Jacob has some fear of thunder and lightning.  But when you look at some of his character traits, it's likely the flashes of bright light and the loud bangs, both of which, he hates.  And I know that we should be using the old "If you don't start acting better in school, then you won't be going out for Halloween."
But it's not fair for Jacob.  We have to remember that he has a lot going on in his life too.  Then when you consider how he thinks, it's no wonder that things have become askew the past week or 2.

As I was coming home from dropping Jacob off at school, I saw a huge tree was leaning against a church just down the street.  I wanted to snap a pic for the blog, but with the 100 km/h winds and the rain it was nearly impossible.

So we are just going to trudge on until moving day.  Then hopefully we can try and get things back on track in all aspects of our lives.  We've almost forgotten that we have a small claims court date of Nov 20th too.  But they'll both be over before we know it.  Then the only thing for us to think about will be Christmas, and the fact that it's only 56 days away.


  1. You do have alot of things going on all at the same time. Hang in there! I hope the weather clears up for Halloween.

    1. It's looking like it will be okay for tonite. Either way Jacob will want to o out so we'll just have to use an umbrella.