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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Today was Jacob's class trip to the Hamilton Convention Centre to see a performance by the Boris Brott Philharmonic Orchestra.  I think it was grades 1 through 3, but I'm not 100% sure.  We however decided to not send Jacob because the past couple of times he'd attended ended up being a bit stressful.

The students obviously have to travel by bus, so last year, Jacob was bus sick and vomited as soon as they arrived.  Then there was about 500 kids from all different schools in attendance, so needless that place was out of control prior to starting.  And then there's the loud music, although classical, but still loud none the less.  Then he was sick again on the way back, so he had to go home covered in barf since his only change of clothes had already been used.

So we didn't send him this year.  But he still went to school and had some 1 on 1 time with his original EA.  And his morning was one of his best ever.  But only when I took him back to school after lunch did I realise why.  His classroom was empty which meant that only he and his EA had use of everything the class had to offer.  The class was also quiet since there was no other kids there.  And the classroom lights were out for the majority of the time.

But then the other kids came back, the noise picked up and the bright lights came back on.  Which all combined seemed to send Jacob into a spin.  During the afternoon, 2 other kids began squirting water at each other and Jacob almost got splashed in the face.  So we think that the emotional crash of seeing everything becoming chaotic mad Jacob become uncontrollable.

One of his favourite EAs tried to calm him down, but he was too far gone.  Jacob actually pushed the EA and stomped away from her which got him a trip to the office.  Which in turn got him sent home for his aggressive behaviour.  Then once he got home and calmed down, he began to cry and promised to apologise tomorrow.

It's almost like Jacob becomes frustrated because he doesn't understand why sometimes he just can't control his emotions.  It must be very hard for him when he knows he's about to lose control, but he can't do anything to stop it.  I'm not working tomorrow so hopefully tomorrow he has a better day.  But we know not to get our hopes up, because when it comes to Jacob, anything can happen.


  1. I hope Jacob had a better day today. Bus rides can make you sick. I have felt a little sick riding on them when I've gone on field trips with my son. And the noise! It got worse the older my son got!

    1. We know that things like this affect Jacob greatly, but we usually like to try to send Jacob for his sake. But it's only an orchestra, which is cool and all, but after we weighed things, we felt like it wasn't worth it.