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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Saturday, 20 October 2012


It's been a very long week for us here.  There's so much going on that its almost impossible to keep track of it all.  Thankfully, Jacob had a great week at school, which makes things a little more bearable.  Monday was a bit on the poor side, but Jacob ended up receiving 7 out of 10 stickers for his reward calendar.

Now back to the stress.  I've been waiting for a few things this week which are needed for the purchase of our new house.  I needed copies of all my tax returns form 08 to present.  Then I need copies of all my unemployment slips.  I had a home appraisal on Tuesday on my old house and I'm having a new roof put on our current spot.  Phew!  Then factor in a sixty hour work week plus being a dad and husband, and you can see why I'm a bit tired.

But I do love it when Jacob is happy and has a productive week at school.  And when I get home from work and I see him smiling it makes it all worth it.  Usually when I arrive home, Jacob will yell "Daddy!" For a few seconds which helps me leave all my stress at the door.  And after the past two weeks, I need a much relief as possible.

Even though we've done a lot since the month of October started, there's still a lot we have to do before the 15th of next month.  Besides getting a new roof put on our old house, we have to renovate the bathroom, install new doors on all of our bedrooms, put in a new kitchen faucet, fix up our front porch and finish our sunroom plus paint everything.  And that's only our old house.

Thankfully for us the new house is in great condition, so there isn't much to do when we move in.  But I'm not going to worry about all that this weekend.  I just finished work so I think I'm going to take Jacob downtown for lunch.  He won't say that he's stressed out, but we all are and I know how he feeds from our emotional output.  So I think a relaxing afternoon/evening is just what we need to recharge our batteries in time for the final push to move in day.


  1. Renovating houses and getting them ready to sell or rent is a lot of work. i already went through it last year with my house and now we about doing it again on the house we're in now. I'm so not motivated!

  2. Im not as motivated as I should be either. But I'll get everything done in time. I can't wait until the 15th.