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"It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." Dr Hans Asperger 1906-1980

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Our basement and bathroom renovations are well underway, but a couple of issues have arisen during the excavation of our basement.  With any home that's 100 years old, there's no way of knowing what's under ground until you finish digging.  This is what my foundation looks like.

Old parge.
Stone foundation.
Crumbled corner.

So now we're at a stand still until an engineer looks at my foundation and comes up with a plan to reinforce it, before the crew finish the work.  Plus I have to get my two basement windows changed before the concrete can be poured.  Did I mention I have a son with an ASD?

Jacob has actually been fantastic considering all the noise and other stuff going on, both inside and outside of our home.  Jacob has shown improvement in handling uncontrollable issues like these.  Instead of getting mad at the noise, or getting mad that his room is sometimes off limits, he's quietly preferred to hang out in the basement with his aunt and dog.

Hopefully the new work that's needs to be done on my basement doesn't set me back too much financially.  And I hope that Jacob is able to continue his surprisingly controlled behaviour.  Although, as the next pictures indicate, his imagination is running wild, but in a good way.

Jacob willingly went into crate, I swear that we didn't put him in there to sleep.  I hope that by the end of the March break, that this work will all be done.  Then I hope, that our lives can get back to our version of normal.


  1. Sorry about the foundation issue. Hopefully it will be repaired fast without to much additional costs. Reminds me of a show I love to watch - Love it or List it. The designer is always coming across these types of issues in the older homes she's remodeling which cuts into the remodel cost which means she's not able to do something else the owners want done. I love watching their reactions when she has to tell them! It always ends up working out though. Love the pic of Jacob in the cage! lol

    1. Love it or list it is one of Shannie's favourites too. But that show didn't prepare us for our reality during these renos. Now we're also getting our windows in the basement replaced too. On a positive note, our bathroom should be done this weekend, and Jacob has been released from the cage. lol